The beginnings of the Youth Section of the Polish Chemical Society date back to 1977. More specifically, it was created at the XX Congress of the PSC in Szczecin (24-27.05.1977). The founder and long-time curator of the Section was prof. dr. hab. Janina Janikowa. During martial law, the Youth Section acted as a student discussion forum. The Youth Section was the nucleus of the establishment of the Students’ Section of the Polish Chemical Society, which was established in 1983. Its founders were the aforementioned prof. Janina Janikowa, as well as her husband, prof. Jerzy Janik. The first president of the SSPTChem (1984-1988) was Marzenna R. Dudzińska (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University), followed by Paweł T. Zagrodzki (Cracow University of Technology) in 1988-1992, and then in December 1994 the chair was Agnieszka Markowska (Szyłądź) (Branch of the University of Warsaw in Bialystok). Initially, members of the Student’s Section were able to participate in the Spring Seminar held at PTChem headquarters at 16 Freta Street in Warsaw and at the Youth Forum as part of the Society’s General Congresses. The first such meeting outside the headquarters of PCS took place in Hel on 11-12.05.1998. The chairman at that time was Robert Zdanowski (Military University of Technology), and the board of the Section was composed of: Marcin Drąg (Wroclaw University) and Kamilla Małek (Jagiellonian University). The aforementioned management board also started meetings of the Section members as part of the SSPTChem Winter Conferences, which were initially held in Warsaw. For several years, Winter Meetings are held at national universities (Łódź, Wrocław, Lublin, Bydgoszcz).