European Young Chemists’ Network (EYCN) is a young branch of the European Chemical Society (EuCheMS), whose members are chemists under 35 years of age belonging to the EuCheMS. EYCN was founded in 2006. The idea of establishing the EYCN association under EuChemS appeared during several meetings of young scientists in Europe. On August 31, 2006, during the first European Chemistry Congress (ECC) in Budapest, an article was written titled “EYCN Mission, Tasks and Goals”. On March 2007, Jens Breffke (Germany) and Csaba Janáky (Hungary) invited all associations to send their young representatives to Berlin to establish EYCN rules, which were later confirmed by the Executive Committee of EuChems. At the same time EYCN reached all young chemists in the framework of the European Chemical Society, the aim was to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas.

The main goal of EYCN is to promote chemistry in Europe, as well as to provide opportunities for development and establishing contacts between students and professionals. EYCN awards prizes at scientific conferences, organizes “Career Days“, during which you can improve your soft skills, and provides training to improve your qualifications works with many student exchange programs to improve mobility between your associated countries. To meet all of this, EYCN works with large companies (such as Evonik) and with chemistry students from around the world.

It should be emphasized that EYCN successfully cooperates with other chemical associations dealing with the subject of early careers in Europe and beyond. It has developed a particularly fruitful collaboration with the American Chemical Society – the Younger Chemists Committee (ACS-YCC) and is currently actively cooperating with the International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN).

Poland is one of the 27 countries involved in EYCN:


1. Portugal

2. Spain

3. Ireland

4. France

5. United Kingdom

6. Belgium

7. Netherlands

8. Switzerland

9. Italy

10. Germany

11. Sweden

12. Czech Republic

13. Austria

14. Poland

15. Russia


16. Serbia

17. Greece

18. Romania

19. Finland

20. Slovenia

21. Cyprus

22. Slovakia

23. Macedonia

24. Hungary

25. Turkey

26. Norway

27. Denmark



Structure of EYCN

EYCN consist of a board and five individual teams (Membership Team, Networks Team, Science Team, Communications Team and Global Connections Team) that have specific responsibilities and each of them is managed by the team leader. EYCN is one of the most active branches of EuChemS, whose main goal is to support and mentor students, novice researchers and professionals through prizes (the best poster and the best prizes in the oral presentation, the European Young Chemist Award – EYCA), exchange programs (congress scholarships, Young Chemists Crossing Borders – YCCB program) and educational activities (conferences, Career Days, soft skills symposia).


Board of EYCN (2021-2023)

  • Maximilian Menche (DEU) – Chair
  • Liva Dzene (FRA) – Secretary
  • Lieke van Gijzel (NLD) – Treasurer
  • Patrick W. Fritz (CHE) – Communication Team Leader
  • Shona Richardson (GBR) – Global Connections Team Leader
  • Denisa Vargová (SVK) – Membership Team Leader
  • Claudia Bonfio (ITA) – Networks Team Leader
  • Sebastian Balser (DEU) – Science Team Leader


Science team

Networks team

Membership team

Global connections team

Communications team

Delegates assembly

EYCN delegates meet once a year during the Congress of Delegates – “Delegates Assembly”.

Previous Delegates assemblies were held:

2021 – online

2020 – Sitges, Spain

2019 – Bremen, Germany

2018 – Turyn, Italy

2017 – Heraklion, Greece

2016 – Guimarães, Portugal

2015 – Berlin, Germany

2014 – Bukareszt, Romania

2013 – St. Petersburg, Russsia

2012 – Aveiro, Portugal

2011 – Murzasichle, Poland

2010 – Untervaz, Switzerland

2009 – Essen, Germany

2008 – Madryt, Spain

2007 – Berlin, Germany

2006 – Budapeszt, Hungary – Creation of EYCN

Monthly Newsletter

EYCN issues monthly newsletter. Here you can familiarize yourself with latest one!


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