SS of PCS Spring Meeting took place on 13-17 April 2016 in Białowieża. The symposium attended 97 participants, from many academic centres in Poland, who presented 38 oral communications and 55 posters. During the proceedings participants were able to visit and discover the Bialowieza Landscape Park and also they had the opportunity to listen to the following lectures:

Prof. Krzysztof Winkler (University of Białystok): Endohedrinal metallofulerenes – chemical maracas
Dr. Dorota Zarzeczańska (University of Gdańsk): Study of equilibrium in solution in the aspect of molecular recognition
Dr. Tomasz Tronina (Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences): Biotransformation and biocatalysis as an alternative to classical chemical synthesis

During the SSPTChem Meeting we have selected the authors of the best oral communications.

List of presented Awards:

1st Award Mateusz Jakubowski

Dicarboxylic platinum complexes (II) with potential anti-tumor properties

2nd award Piotr Szustakiewicz

Graphene surface-modified metal nanoparticles – synthesis and characterization of hybrid material

2nd award Michał Magott

Non-magnetic chain built from very magnetic elements

Recognition Małgorzata Kroczak

Effect of thermal pollution on basic surface waters parameters

Audience award Justyna Wróbel

Distribution of radionuclide concentrations 210Po and 210Pb in morphological structure of mosses

The authors of the best posters have also been selected.


1st Award Marcin Pryczek
Photodegradation of organic compounds on the SiC-TiO2 catalyst

Audience award Maciej Cieślak
Tat peptides as potential modulators of proteasome activity

1st Award Marta Bielawska
Metformin in anti-cancer therapy

Audience award Kamila Babkiewicz

Use of chemiluminescence to reveal blood traces

We would like to thank the authors of all oral communications and posters for their contribution to ensure a very high scientific level of this year’s meeting and active participation in lecture sessions.

We would like to aprreciate our Partners in SSPTChem Spring Meeting 2016: University of Białystok, Institute of Chemistry – University of Białystok, Łódź University of Technology, Białystok Chapter of the Polish Chemical Society and Chemistry Students Scientific Association ,,Pozyton” – University of Białystok.

We would like to appreciate our sponsors: AUTHORITIES of the University of Białystok, Łódź University of Technology, Białystok Chapter of the Polish Chemical Society and also COMPANIES: ABL&E JASCO, CIECH S.A.,, Oficyna Edukacyjna Krzysztof Pazdro Sp. z.o.o., Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Synthos S.A. and TriMen Chemicals.

Honorary patronage over Spring Meeting took over: Polish Chemical Society, Governor of Podlasie Province, Łódź University of Technology, Institute of Chemistry – University of Białystok and Białowieża Commune.

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