SS of PCS Winter Meeting took place on December 5th 2015 in Kraków. This year our host was Faculty of Chemistry of the Jagiellonian University.

At our Meeting participants had an opportunity to attend excellent lectures of our invited speakers: Prof. Andrzej Kotarba (Jagiellonian University) and Dr. Robert Podgajny (Jagiellonian University). Another conference session was dedicated to presentations of laureates of the Best Poster Awards presented during SSPTChem Spring Meeting 2015: Ms. Ewa Szczepańska (Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences), Mr. Wojciech Raj (Łódź University of Technology) and Ms. Sylwia Polakiewicz (University of Warsaw). Finally, we had a chance to hear from Industry Representatives from companies ABL&E-JASCO and Synthos S.A. Session was concluded with the presentation of Academic Computer Center CYFRONET AGH by Mr. Klemens Noga.

One of the most important events during Winter Meeting was the Poster Session, where Participants presented more then 100 posters dedicated to their own research or to a review of a specific field of chemistry. Our Academic Jury: Dr. Ewa Witek (President of Krakow chapter of Polish Chemical Society), Prof. Krystyna Wieczorek-Ciurowa (Vice-President of Krakow chapter of Polish Chemical Society), Dr. Andrzej Eilmes (Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry of Jagiellonian University) and Prof. Jacek Lipok (SSPTChem Academic Advisor, University of Opole) decided to present three awards for outstanding poster presentations. Also participants had an opportunity to vote for the best poster of their own choice and as a result SSPTChem Board presented two Audience Awards.

List of presented Awards:

1st Prize

Ms. Marta Romaniszyn
Enancjoselektywna synteza fosfonowych analogów leucyny i fenyloglicyny
2nd Prize
Ms. Aneta Andruszkiewicz
“Synteza promezogenicznego liganda do kontrolowanej samoorganizacji nanocząstek srebra”
3rd Prize
Mr. Michał Kania
Wykorzystanie włókien polimerowych w celu zwiększenia wytrzymałości na zginanie zapraw cementowych
1st Audience Award
Mr. Tomasz M. Staniek
“Analiza składu wybranych olejków eterycznych pozyskanych z ziela roślin z rodziny Geraniaceae”
Audience Recognition Award
Mr. Krzysztof Piechocki
“Spaliny Przemysłowe Jako Surowiec Budowlany Gips Syntetyczny i Jego Zastosowania”

Organising Committee would like to appreciate all authors for their work. Thanks to you, our Winter Meeting is incredibly valuable academic experience. We would like to thank all participants for their active engagement in both Speaking and Poster Sessions. We want to acknowledge members of Jagiellonian University Students Chemical Society for their help in conducting the Meeting on site. Of course our initiative would not be possible without financial support of our sponsors: Jagiellonian University Authorities, Kraków chapter of Polish Chemical Society, ABL&E Jasco, TriMen Chemicals,, VWR International Sp. z.o.o., Synthos S.A., Polish Scientific Publishers PWN, and Academic Computer Center CYFRONET AGH.

See photos from SSPTChem Winter Meeting 2015.
Download conference materials with presentations abstracts. (Polish)

Thank you one last time and see you at our next meetings!